Saturday, March 10, 2012

Meal Plan 3/12

This week I am trying to clear out my freezer. I have some leftover canned pumpkin from some baking in the late fall I want to get rid of so I'll make a pumpkin sauce. Giada Delaurentiis has an amazing recipe for butternut squash sauce that Rob and I love so I'm hoping that the pumpkin sauce is similar, especially since Rob isn't a fan of pumpkin. 
The crock-pot meal is new recipe to our house. I'm eager to try all of Gina's Skinny Recipes, so I'm thinking I'll try one a week. Even if this isn't a Gina original, it looks good. This pork recipe if I like it, will be a good option for a summer solstice party I'm planning on having in June. 

Mon Mar 12

Dak bokkeum with chicken and spinach
Tue Mar 13

Wed Mar 14

turkey burgers, fries, and califlower
Thu Mar 15

Fri Mar 16

Sat Mar 17

eggs, bacon

leftovers This recurring event is part of a series.
Sun Mar 18

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