Monday, February 27, 2012

Meal Plan 2/27

Change is hard for me to handle. It takes me awhile to adjust to a new schedule, if that means shopping on a Tuesday instead of my usual Monday or even a new idea takes me a moment to get use too.

This weekend we experienced some changes that are going to take all of us some time to wrap our heads around. This changed caused my whole weekend to have to adjust and delayed me into doing my normal Saturday night rituals.

This weeks meal plan is chock full of comfort food which is what we need here.

Mon Feb 27 
Chicken saltimbocca, baby spinach mixed in some pasta <- this is favorite in our house
Tue Feb 28 
Raviolis with broccoli,
Wed Feb 29 
Bulgogi, rice, broccoli <- you have to try this, so easy and so delicious
Thu Mar 1 
Chicken noodle soup
Fri Mar 2 
Sat Mar 3 
Ham and cheese omlettes
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Sun Mar 4 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Menu Plan 2/20

Geez, I can't even believe it's Tuesday already. Time just flew. I meant to post this on Saturday.  I've had my menu plan done for awhile. This week is a simple week for food. We are trying a new meal, the pizza hero.

Sun Feb 19 
Dinner over a friends for their birthday
Mon Feb 20 
Oven fried chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes
Tue Feb 21 
Dinner at the Silver Diner - the Silver Diner
Wed Feb 22 
Pack it in a pizza hero - Rachael ray mag
Thu Feb 23 
Fri Feb 24 
Father in laws birthday dinner(steak, baked potato, asparagus)
Sat Feb 25 
French toast casserole
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Sun Feb 26 
Chicken saltimbocca, spinach, noodles

Silver Diner Fundraiser

Tonight from 5-8pm, my MOPS group is having a fundraiser at the Silver Diner in Cherry Hill. If you have never eaten at the Silver Diner for Family Fun Night. It is great. They have people making balloon animals, princesses, or anything imaginable. There’s a fun theme each week, with family games and activities. This weeks theme is Twin Night: Bring a friend and dress like twins. We’ll have twice the fun and twice the prizes. 

They also have the Diner Kids Club: Kids 12 and under can join Silver Diner Kids Club at any Silver Diner location. Kids Club Members Receive: Silver Diner Kids Club Wristband, a FREE Kids Classic or Yogurt Shake when dining in during Family Fun Night, any Tuesday 5:00pm-8:00pm, and a FREE Kids EntrĂ©e and and a Classic or Yogurt Shake certificate in the mail for their birthday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Meal Plan 2/12/12, my saving grace!

Things have been crazy around here. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork, clutter, valentines crap, and just the amount of cleaning I feel my house needs. Trying to clean the house with a cam boot on is NOT fun. In fact, it makes cleaning UNBEARABLE!

Today was Maddie's class party and I was fortunate to be able to go into the class for the party and then out to a delicious sushi lunch with some friends. However, I came home to my clutter, paperwork, bills, laundry, dirty dishes, floors desperately needing a mopping, and bathrooms that seemed unloved. Super overwhelming, but at least I knew what was dinner. If I had to figure that out too, I think I could have been committed. I got all the stuff done and now I'm realizing that I never posted my meal plan here. I hope maybe this will save your week. I know it saved my day.

Mon Feb 13
Moo shu chicken
Tue Feb 14
Crab cakes asparagus pinterest potatoes
Wed Feb 15
Meatloaf and potato pile up - Rachael ray mag
Thu Feb 16
French onion soup with salad
Fri Feb 17
Creamy mushroom soup pork chops, egg noodles, peas
Sat Feb 18
Baked oatmeal

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Sun Feb 19
Pasta with escarole, beans, and sausage

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Fun Night

For dinner this evening, we ate at church. It was a wonderful night catered by Carrabba's Italian grill. There was also over 100 basket opportunities, which Maddie dutifully put her tickets in almost all the baskets to win some amazing gifts. She was so thrilled to win a door prize and a candle lamp and show off her new glasses to everyone.

I'm so thankful we were able to spend the night with some good friends, supporting the youth group, and winning some lovely gifts. It made Maddie's night. She was so grateful to win!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Recipe Review

This week I tried two new recipes. One was from the Skinny Chicken Rollatini. It was DELICIOUS, I actually followed the recipe. Usually I add something here and there since I find most food to be under flavored.

The second recipe was from the February Rachael Ray,  Pasta with Broccoli Sauce.  The recipe is as follows.
1lb of recchiette
5 cups of broccoli florets plus 2 cups peeled, chopped stems
2 cloves of garlic
3 tbsp EVOO
1 tsp lemon zest
3/4 cup of grated parm. cheese

You are supposed to cooked the pasta, add the florets 3 minutes before the pasta is done. In a processor finely chop stems and garlic. Heat the EVOO in a pan, add the stem mixture and the lemon zest cook for a few minutes and then add 1 cup of the pasta water. cook the mixture for 5 minutes until reduced some and add the cheese, pasta, and florets.

 This was not my favorite nor do I think it was a hit with kids. I added a bunch of stuff to this because the sauce seemed watery and blah. I think in the future if I was going to make this I wouldn't bothering with the water but ricotta cheese as a base and add some chicken stock or just EVOO to thin the mixture.

The Rachael Ray show

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of heading to New York City with my friends to see the Rachael Ray show. We left early in the morning to make it to NYC in time, to wait in the cold for 2 HOURS, but it was so worth the wait.            

Our show taping was great. Rachael did a little Q&A with the audience before taping started. She was as authentic, down to earth and matter of fact in person as she seems on T.V. She is a lot like my friends.

There was a man in the audience, who said he was in LOVE with her, that she was the most beautiful woman inside and out, and wanted some advice to start his own cooking show on his local network.  His big dream was to hug to Rachael Ray. Which  after all the complimentary talk from this man, she went up and hugged him. I'm sure that made his day/year! I kinda teared up for the guy. He said that experience was on his bucket list. How AWESOME!?

James Lipton from the "Behind the Actors Studio" was the guest. He talked about Brad Pitt and George Clooney and respectively their Oscar nominated movies.  Rachael had made two recipes during our taping, which did smell quite 'delish'.

Finally at the end of taping, she held an Oscar gift bag giveaway, since the stars never leave the party empty handed. We left with over 800.00 dollars of goodies!