Sunday, March 25, 2012

Menu Plan 3/26

Last weeks' weather has me aching for the warmer months when burgers and pasta salad is a weekly occurrence. We did switch some things up to BBQ with some friends, which was WONDERFUL! The kids played and roasted marshmallows. 
Today's weather is awful, rainy, gray, and cold. Maybe I should just make some soup and cuddle with Rob until my sunshine returns.

This week we have tons going on, let me rephrase, I have tons to do. Can't wait until Saturday when I plan on sitting on the couch watching Vampire Diaries and drinking coffee
Mon Mar 26
Tue Mar 27
Wed Mar 28
Roast Beef Sandwiches, broccoli and salad
Thu Mar 29
Brick chicken, steamed green beans
Fri Mar 30
Sat Mar 31
leftovers This recurring event is part of a series.
Sun Apr 1
Linguine with shrimp and spinach pesto

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