Friday, April 27, 2012

Live Below the Line

As an agent for BzzAgent, I am sometimes offered free merchandise to review and coupons to share. With the current campaign that I am privileged enough to be a part of, I am going to challenge myself and my family to live below the poverty line and eat and drink on a budget of $1.50 a day for 5 days in the beginning of May.

The reason I’ve decided to challenge our family to live below the line is to understand wholly what 1.4 billion people worldwide endure; who have no choice, but to live below the line every day and have to make $1.50 cover a lot more than food.  Think about that figure, 1.4 BILLION!  That's over 4 times the population of the United States, living every day in extreme poverty.

 Through the understandings gained over the 5 days, Live below the Line is assembling a movement of people passionate about eliminating extreme poverty. Through partnerships with various charities, the movement raises both awareness and critical funds. I have united with Shot@Life which helps ensure children have access to life-saving vaccines.

Please support me and my family as we live below the line by donating now – your generous support will go towards fighting extreme poverty and ensuring children have access to life-saving vaccines.

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