Friday, February 10, 2012

The Rachael Ray show

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of heading to New York City with my friends to see the Rachael Ray show. We left early in the morning to make it to NYC in time, to wait in the cold for 2 HOURS, but it was so worth the wait.            

Our show taping was great. Rachael did a little Q&A with the audience before taping started. She was as authentic, down to earth and matter of fact in person as she seems on T.V. She is a lot like my friends.

There was a man in the audience, who said he was in LOVE with her, that she was the most beautiful woman inside and out, and wanted some advice to start his own cooking show on his local network.  His big dream was to hug to Rachael Ray. Which  after all the complimentary talk from this man, she went up and hugged him. I'm sure that made his day/year! I kinda teared up for the guy. He said that experience was on his bucket list. How AWESOME!?

James Lipton from the "Behind the Actors Studio" was the guest. He talked about Brad Pitt and George Clooney and respectively their Oscar nominated movies.  Rachael had made two recipes during our taping, which did smell quite 'delish'.

Finally at the end of taping, she held an Oscar gift bag giveaway, since the stars never leave the party empty handed. We left with over 800.00 dollars of goodies!

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