Monday, February 13, 2012

Meal Plan 2/12/12, my saving grace!

Things have been crazy around here. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork, clutter, valentines crap, and just the amount of cleaning I feel my house needs. Trying to clean the house with a cam boot on is NOT fun. In fact, it makes cleaning UNBEARABLE!

Today was Maddie's class party and I was fortunate to be able to go into the class for the party and then out to a delicious sushi lunch with some friends. However, I came home to my clutter, paperwork, bills, laundry, dirty dishes, floors desperately needing a mopping, and bathrooms that seemed unloved. Super overwhelming, but at least I knew what was dinner. If I had to figure that out too, I think I could have been committed. I got all the stuff done and now I'm realizing that I never posted my meal plan here. I hope maybe this will save your week. I know it saved my day.

Mon Feb 13
Moo shu chicken
Tue Feb 14
Crab cakes asparagus pinterest potatoes
Wed Feb 15
Meatloaf and potato pile up - Rachael ray mag
Thu Feb 16
French onion soup with salad
Fri Feb 17
Creamy mushroom soup pork chops, egg noodles, peas
Sat Feb 18
Baked oatmeal

leftovers This recurring event is part of a series.
Sun Feb 19
Pasta with escarole, beans, and sausage

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