Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Food Shopping below the line

Yesterday was day 2 for us of living below the line. I also went food shopping for the ingredients that were not in my house. I was able to spend less than I expected by 2 dollars. My total spending has been 30.22. Here is what I was able to pick up at the grocery store for $15.51. 


As I was the walking the aisles of the grocery store I became upset at the cost of items. I do pay attention to cost normally, however when you are living on $1.50 a day and a bag of french fries costs 3.99 it's seems like an insurmountable task to feed a family on $30.00 dollars.   That bag of fries would be a whole meal for the 3 of us for 2 days!!! Imagine rationing a bag of fries amongst your family. In my family a bag of fries typically would last two meals, but that's with us having a protein and veggie on our plate as well, not just fries. That bag of fries would have to be 6 meals! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Almost unimaginable for me.

I left the store depressed and upset for the families who are living below the line in a way I didn't grasp before heading out food shopping. My cart barely had anything in it and I was done my shopping in 20 minutes.  I didn't have any cleaning products or hygiene items. People living below the line have to make their $1.50 stretch even further to include those items. Walking the aisles made me feel defeated.

After  I went food shopping I headed to CVS for Mother's Day cards and birthdays cards for my family. As I was standing in line to purchase my cards I noticed that 1 Snickers candy bar costs 1.70 and a small container of M&M minis cost 1.60. REALLY?!?!? That is what I'm living on for the day! I never thought a candy bar could make me feel bad about myself.

After this challenge is over. I think my family is going to be doing more for families living in extreme poverty. Donating more food to the food pantry, giving grocery store gift cards away, and for me having more empathy for those struggling. I thought I understood, but really I was just ignorant to how little I really understood.


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