Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birdhouse craft

Over the holidays, Maddie and I made gifts for everyone. She has a love for crafting. One of my favorite crafts we did, was make a bird seed covered birdhouse.

Somehow, we had a HUGE bag of leftover birdseed and I saw in a catalog a beautiful birdhouse covered in seed for $50.00. It was the prefect gift for my Grand-mom, but she would kill me for buying a 50.00 birdhouse. I Googled ways to affix birdseed and learned that since Elmer's glue is non-toxic it was safe for birds.  And so it started.

We went to A.C Moore armed with 50% off coupons. Maddie picked a lovely wooden birdhouse. I sifted the birdseed in a colander into light seed and dark sunflower seeds. 


Maddie painted the birdhouse pink and purple. We then painted Elmer's glue onto the roof of the house and put the seed on the roof and let the glue dry. 

Then we painted the front and side of the house with glue and put the light seed on.

This was an easy craft, albeit messy, for Maddie to do and so much more visually pleasing than a pine cone dipped in peanut butter.

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