Sunday, January 15, 2012

saving a buck?

Over two years ago, a friend held a couponing class at my house for our playgroup.  It was great; she opened my eyes to saving at least 50% of my grocery bill every week.  She suggested a few websites that helped her start saving a buck, like Living Rich with Coupons and For the Mommas, which have also proved to be very helpful in me saving money.

First, I personally feel the key to saving lots of money at the grocery store, is understanding a stock-up price. For example, I only buy razors when they cost me 1.99 or less and toothpaste when it's free. I have slowly built a stock pile of these items and more when they cost me next to nothing. The website "For the Mommas" has a wonderful Stockpile-Price-List.pdf available to get an idea of what you should be spending on certain items.

Second, there are many places to find coupons. I focus on the Sunday paper circulars and multiple online sources to print out coupons. If you follow Living Rich with Coupons on Facebook, throughout the day she tends to post high value coupons to print.

Lastly as frustrating a menu planning is. It can really help save you money. If know that you are going to need a round roast for dinner in a few weeks and it goes on sale for 1.29 a pound you pick it up when it's on sale and freeze it. You just saved 4 bucks, by shopping a sale and planning ahead.

Saving money can almost be a game when you get started. Set a goal of just saving on cereal and branch out from there. Once you realize you can get a box of cereal for $1.00 you'll be hooked and have 21 boxes of cereal in your basement. Just like me!


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