Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meal Plan 1/29/12

I just got done clipping, sorting, getting my coupons together, and making my list for the upcoming week. I should be focusing more on these tasks, but Pinterest has the majority of my attention, as it has for weeks. I have pinned so many food ideas for the upcoming weeks, but since I've already meal planned into March, I think I have to move some things around.

I really would like to try to make this Skinny Chicken Rollatini and this crispy-southwest-chicken-wraps. They both look yummy and healthy. There are some desserts I would like to make too, but I would rather waste my extra calories on a yummy dinner. I'm still nursing this ankle injury, making exercising difficult. I have been doing some light weight lifting at home and lots and lots of ab exercises, but I'm getting bored.

This weeks menu is 
Sun Jan 29
Mon Jan 30
Eggplant parm
Tue Jan 31
Wed Feb 1
Orecchiette with sweet sausage with baby spinach
Thu Feb 2
Fri Feb 3
Sheppard s pie
Sat Feb 4
Eggs, bacon for Saturday family breakfast

leftovers for Saturday dinner 
Sun Feb 5
Shrimp dumplings with sunomono and rice

There are a few deals this week at Shop Rite head over to Living Rich with Coupons for the match-ups.

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