Saturday, January 7, 2012

Japanese food, conquered?

On Thursday, Maddie and I went to one of our local Asian food markets. I needed to pick up Sriracha sauce, some noodles and some other stuff. I love going to the Asian market. I am always intrigued by everything in the store. I just wish I knew what most of the food was. I feel there is a definite language barrier when in the store.

Maddie loves Asian food! Her favorites are Gyoza, Makizushi, Mei fun, Bulgogi, and Moo Shu. While at the market, she asked me to get a few things like daisy shaped pasta and all the stuff to make gyoza. When we go out for sushi, she can eat at least two orders of these tasty dumplings plus some other stuff. I love and appreciate that I have little girl who will eat almost anything!

Maddie with the salted Napa cabbage

This morning we set out to make to make enough to feed all of us in the house. The recipe was fairly simple, just time consuming.  We had so much fun making the dumplings. It took us around an hour and half from start to finish, but it was so worth it.

Filling the dumplings, the time consuming step!

You can't see Maddie's but she is a pro!

She only ate 9 today.

I love cooking with Maddie. She is so eager to learn and use knives, graters, and taste everything. She is going to be an amazing cook!

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