Monday, December 19, 2011

Calendar Giveaway

When I started meal planning I started simple with an ordinary wall calendar, writing down what we would eat each week. Now I use Google calendars and have our five different calendars synced to our cell phones. Granted we still occasionally have some scheduling snafus, but over all our system works. Over the years, I learned that planning for a longer period of time than a week helped me save money by shopping the sales.

I wouldn't recommend starting out big, that's to overwhelming and the likelihood you'll continue scheduling your meals ahead will end after the first week. But starting out with a simple wall calendar week by week will give you a great start to saving your mind and money.

I have 3 wall calendars that have a nice large grid to keep more than just your meal plan on the calendar that I am giving away.   There is also space to write notes, phone numbers, and lists.

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