Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two good days in a row?

Today we all went to Philadelphia to do all the ongoing holiday events. The boys should have been in school today, but having some family time doing something fun is more important than them watching movies in school. We took the PATCO train over, which is something Maddie loves to do. She got the front seat in the first train car. A big deal for a 4 year old.

First we went the Macy's light show, which is always good time. We like to hang out on the third floor to watch the show so we then can scoot right over to the Dickens Village. For lunch we walked over to Reading Terminal Market. I love hanging out in the market. I'm always fascinated by the extra extra large shrimp they have; I wonder who buys them at 23.99 a pound.

After lunch we walked over to LOVE park to the Christmas Village.  On the way, we took lots of pictures on the oversized game pieces, at the Municipal Services Building which features "Your Move". Finally we headed over to the Comcast building to watch the Holiday Spectacular.  Maddie was enamored with this display. The boys thought it was the best part of the day. I highly recommend seeing the show.

Of course today there were a few meltdowns, but it was a good day! Wow, two days in a row. I'm hoping for three, but I would rather have a pleasant Christmas morning than a good Friday.

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