Sunday, December 18, 2011

crafting the holiday away

Here in our house we are crafters. We love ourselves some embossing powder, chenille stems, glue, pompoms, googly eyes, construction paper, and of course up-cycling the OJ container into a beautiful fairy house.

On Friday night, while Maddie was sleeping, Rob, the boys and I baked cookies and "tried" to make faux stained glass ornament with alcohol ink. I saw an example on pinterest and I thought that looks great and the directions seemed simple. Not so much. The boys were frustrated that the "quick" drying ink wasn't drying or in spots like the example. Oh well we had fun trying and the cookies taste great.

Then on Saturday we made some polar bear angels out of model magic with 8 of Maddie's closest friends. The kids had a great time making their own ornaments. They turned out really cute. Don't you think?

In years past, we as a family, usually make salt dough ornaments. Last we included some (read 3) of Maddie's friends with the amount of kids coming this year I didn't feel confident that I had the time to cook, paint, and glitterize 9 ornaments before Christmas without feeling guilty that I didn't do some other craft or activity with family in the same amount of time. Ahhh, the mom guilt.

With  6 more days until Christmas, Maddie and I have some amazing crafts planned to give as gifts to our loved ones. Thanks goodness to pinterest for all the amazing ideas that I keep finding... 

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