Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 more days until Christmas

Last week, Holden and I planned our family Advent calendar. It was slightly difficult to figure out what day we should do what activity given our schedule. I'm not really a fan of the candy advent calendars, although candy is sometimes nice. We have a hanging snowman that goes on the door that we put our activities all nicely folded into the pockets.

Over the next month, we will have more family centered activities than most months, but that to me is the real reason for the season, building more family memories. Granted some of these planned events will go down in flames, there will be teenage moodiness to contend with, temper tantrums from both young and old, but maybe if we are lucky we will have a few joyous occasions that we will remember fondly next year.

Slowing down to enjoy my family with movie nights, crafts, and good deeds is the real reason of the season for me.

If you like to make your own advent with activites family fun has a few great options to try.

* according to my friend the calendar never posted...

Thursday, December 1
Draw a Christmas picture
Friday, December 2
Buy toys to donate
Saturday, December 3
Go to the tree lighting
Sunday, December 4
Movie night
Monday, December 5
Christmas craft with friends
Tuesday, December 6
Christmas stocking craft
Wednesday, December 7
Family game night
Thursday, December 8
Holiday light show at shady brook farms
Friday, December 9
Have a living room camp out
Saturday, December 10
Go out for donuts
Sunday, December 11
Make Christmas cards for friends
Monday, December 12
Movie night
Tuesday, December 13
Go out to dinner
Wednesday, December 14
Pick food out of basement to donate
Thursday, December 15
Do something nice for neighbor
Friday, December 16
Bake cookies
Saturday, December 17
Make Christmas ornaments
Sunday, December 18
Go out for ice cream
Monday, December 19
Make fudge
Tuesday, December 20
Movie night
Wednesday, December 21
Eat dinner backwqrds
Thursday, December 22
Macy's light show
Friday, December 23
Make reindeer food
Saturday, December 24
Open presents

Here is our calendar of events

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