Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One proud Mama

Today was Maddie's class Christmas play. She was super excited to get up on stage. She did GREAT! We got lots of great pictures and videos to remember this cute performance.

What a difference a year has made in her life. Last year, she suffered from some social anxiety in a large group of people. It hindered us from going confidently to playgroup functions and the mall as well. She just wanted to be surrounded by familiar people. I thank her teachers last year, for helping her break out of her shy shell. They helped her tremendously!

After her Christmas performance we went to our church. In the beginning of December, Holden, Maddie, and I went to the store and purchased toys to donate to Toys for Tots. However, Maddie wanted to personally give the toys she purchased to kids, instead of letting Holden take them to school for Toys for Tots. Finding a way to make this happen was not easy, but we found a way with the help of one of the teachers, Ms. Traci, at our church who runs the food pantry.

Ms. Traci suggested that Maddie come and help with the food pantry the week of Christmas and hand out the toys to the moms. This thrilled Maddie, who then suggested we get wrapping paper too.

Watching Maddie give the toys, wrapping paper, and help load the carts of food with Ms. Traci today filled my heart with joy. This year Maddie understands the real meaning of Christmas!

Disclaimer: Just because my daughter did this amazing thing today and I am a proud Mama, does not make us a "perfect" family... We are just a normal family. Just yesterday I was going to mail her Abu Dhabi like Garfield did to Odie a few times.. :) Today was just a really good day.

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