Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Should I be planning a face lift?

Sunday at church Pastor Jeff asked the congregation to introduce them self to someone you don’t know and tell that person what you are grateful for today? I enjoy this exercise; I get to meet someone new and have a quick conversation.
During today's meet and greet; I told this lovely lady I was grateful my daughter put her coat on by herself and was ready and waiting for me to get my act together to leave for church. Her response was to turn to my friend, who is a few years older than me, and ask her if she was my daughter! I don't think I look old enough to have a daughter in their thirties, do I?  This either means, I had a children at age 13 or I look like I’m in my sixties. I don’t know which is worse.

Best yet, is this is not the first time that this has happened! Another friend, was told it nice to be able to have lunch with her mom, meaning ME!!!!

So please be honest, do I need some work done?

Disclaimer: I know I don’t need work done except maybe a nose job, tummy tuck, and butt implants. JUST KIDDING!!! I'm fine the way I am, but should I be investing in the really expensive anti-wrinkle cream?


  1. You're so silly. Talk to me when you're almost 40...like me :( You look fabulous. I was just thinking as we were picking up the kids on Monday how beautiful your skin looks. Clearly you're doing something right.

    1. Thank you, I use LOTS of moisturizer and good foundation. I just think its HILARIOUS, since I just turned 30 in 2011... The fact I'm told I have 34-36 year old children is HYSTERICAL!!!

  2. Perhaps an equally puzzling question would be why this woman thought your 30-something daughter putting her coat on by herself was an event worth mentioning...
    But to answer your question, you need absolutely nothing done, sweetie. I love you just the way you are (Billy Joel music playing softly in the background).